Thursday, May 19, 2016

Killing Indians

In the book, Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, Mr. P states "If you stay on this rez, they're going to kill you. I'm going to kill you. We're all going to kill you" (Alexie 43).  I think he is trying to tell Arnold that like before, when teachers and administration beat Indians for referring to and practicing their culture, this will happen again. Maybe not so violently, but mentally it will. White people are going to kill the Indian culture, and by doing that, they will kill an Indians soul. Mr. P sees a bright future for Arnold and he doesn't want him to become broken. All Arnold's life he has been fighting. Someone that young can only fight for so long. If Arnold doesn't leave the rez soon, he will give up; his soul will be stripped away and the only thing left will be an empty shell of a 14 year old.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Good vs. Evil Situation

Are you a good person? If you are, what would you do if you were put in an evil or uncivilized situation. How would you react? How do you think others would react? In 1971, an experiment was conducted on 24 college students. The purpose of this experiment was to see the physiological effects of being admitted to prison on prison-mates and prison-guards. The end result was anything but everyone thought it would be. The trial was initially set to be two weeks long; however it was cut short to six days due to shocking circumstances.  The guards took this experiment way to far and to the point where they physically harmed the prisoners; even though they were told not too. This is similar to the novel "The Lord of The Flies" written by William Golding. When the group of young English boys were put on an island with no adults or rules, they turned savages. They physically hurt other boys. For example when Ralph and his clan went to retrieve Piggy's glasses from Jack, they begin to fight. As Piggy tried to stop the brawling, Roger pushed a boulder down the mountain and it hit Piggy, knocking him to his death. I don't think Roger would have ever had this idea normally, however I assume he got caught up in all the excitement and the adrenaline kicked in.

Mob Mentality: Its Ups and Downs

What is mob mentality? Does it only cause harm? Or can it be an exciting experience? Mob mentality describes the adoption of certain behaviors, actions, and trends of someones peers. Many people have the idea of mob mentality in their head as being a harmful thing. Even though a lot of examples are nauseating and horrifying, there are times where a mob or crowd can bring a moment of chills; not because of the cold, but because thousands of people can come together and make something spectacular to the eye. However, the amount of negative examples of mob mentality is frightening. In relation to the novel, "The Lord of the Flies" written by William Golding, a group of all boys can become savages and do things they would never do if in society. For example, when on a hunt, a group of boys called the "hunters" lost a pig they were following. As Ralph, one of the boys, was mocking how he threw his spear, he pretended one of the other boys, Robert, was the pig. The situation escalated quickly when the hunting party created a circle around Robert and started to beat him. Kids, who in the beginning, were thought to be gentle and harmless, showed a side no one thought was possible for a little english boy. All these actions carried out because of mob mentality.

Figurative Language

"An interminable dawn faded the stars out, and at last light, sad and grey, filtered into the shelter. " (99)

The quote above personifies dawn fading stars out, and the sadness and grey of early morning. I think Golding uses figurative language at this moment because he wants to break up the frightening aspect of darkness. He wanted to lighten the mood (no pun intended). This picture above vividly represents this quote because, to me, it shows that even the darkest times can get better. When in a miserable state, your situation eventually returns to the middle where everything is sound and normal.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Can You Teach Empathy?

Personally, I think that if you star "teaching" empathy at a young age, then yes it can be taught. The article "Can You Teach People to Have Empathy" tells how "listening out for people's feeling and needs... gives them a sense of being understood"(Radical Listening, 3). I expect this to be true. When I am venting to someone; whether it be my friends or family, and I know they are listening, I have a sense of being acknowledged. "According to the latest neuroscience research, 98% of people have the ability to empathize wired into their brains- an in-built capacity for stepping into the shoes of others and understanding their feelings and perspectives"( page 1). This clearly states that when you are born you can already process empathy and peoples emotions. Therefor, it only takes a little bit of teaching for you to access that part of your brain.

"We learn empathy through stories and people coming into our lives and saying stop for a second and think about what it is like to be someone else in this situation; stop and try to imagine that person's life for a moment"(Bystander Revolution: John Green). A lot of kids learn empathy through child book situations and take that to apply it to their own life. Children learn best with examples and what best way to teach a child about empathy through a story that will stay with them.

Conquerable Mental Illness

People with mental illness are all around us. Even in your favorite television show. In the show, Stitchers, Kirsten Clark "stitches" into the mind of the deceased and finds out how they died; if there was anything that seemed off with that person's death. Kirsten has temporal dysplasia. This means she can not process time. Kirsten's temporal dysplasia makes her perfect for the job however. This illness normally leaves people who suffer it, unable to show emotion. They can not feel fear, misery, friendship, or love; basically any emotion drawn from the passage of time. All of these side affects describes Kirsten exactly. However, she is able to do something great because of her disability. She solves many cases and put's innocent citizen's souls to rest. Through the show, Kirsten learns how to feel emotion with the help of her friends. She overcomes some of the side affects of temporal dysplasia and in the process, leaves a positive stamp on society. Without her cold murderers would be free from punishment.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Suli Breaks Video Responce

Woah that was deep... In the video, I think the major theme Suli Breaks is trying to get across is that you can be a smart, educated person but no one will ever know because of the ways school's teach. I agree with his message because certain kids work extremely hard and don't do well in school but should know that it's ok. He said that he never meant to start a world wide debate; he only wanted to state a point. This is totally not true. I think Suli wanted to start a world wide debate and bring this problem to peoples attention. Suli Breaks purpose was to inform students that an exam result does not decide your fate; you do.